Executing the Oracle PL/SQL returns a number?

When you execute a PL/SQL script through sqlplus, if it returns a number at each line you press enter for a new line, it is beacuse you have forgot
to include '/' end of the script file for execute.


SQL> OracleScript.sql
       > 34
       > 35

So at this situation just enter '/'. Script will execute.

SQL> OracleScript.sql
       > 34 /

If you don't want to manually enter '/' here, place a '/' end of the script file. The script in here has a '/' end of the file which tells to execute it.


  1. Nice Post....:)I also got same experience. Backward slash indicates oracle engine that oracle PL SQL procedure has ended. I think it is good to add '/' to script file than adding it manually. It is safe.

    1. Thanks a lot Nadeesha, for sharing your information ! :)


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