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Encrypting passwords in WSO2 APIM 2.0.0

WSO2 products support encrypting passwords which are in configuration files using secure vault. You can find the detailed documentation form here of how to apply secure vault to WSO2 products. This post will provide you the required instructions to apply secure vault to WSO2 APIM 2.0.0. 1. Using the automatic approach to encrypt the passwords given in XML configuration files. Most of the passwords in WSO2 APIM 2.0.0 are in XML configuration files. Therefore you can follow the instructions given in here to encrypt them. 2. Encrypting passwords in file and files. As did in above section, the passwords in XML configurations can be referred in file via Xpaths. Therefore cipher-tool can automatically replace the plain text passwords in XML configuration files. However, passwords in files such as file and filee need to be manually encrypted. Encrypting passwords in jndi.properti