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CSV to XML transformation with WSO2 ESB Smooks Mediator

This post provides a sample CSV to XML transformation with WSO2 ESB. WSO2 ESB supports executing Smooks features through 'Smooks Mediator'. 

Latest ESB can be downloaded from here

We are going to transform the below CSV to an XML message.
Lakmali,Erandi,Female,20,SriLanka Lakmali,Baminiwatta,Female,20,SriLanka
This is the format of the XML output message.
here <people> <person number="1"> <firstname>Lakmali</firstname> <lastname>Erandi</lastname> <gender>Female</gender> <age>20</age> <country>SriLanka</country> </person> <person number="2"> <firstname>Lakmali</firstname> <lastname>Baminiwatta</lastname> <gender>Female</gender> <age>20</age> <country>SriLanka</country> </person> </people> First lets write the smooks configuration to transform above CSV to given XML message (smooks-…