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CSV to XML transformation with WSO2 ESB Smooks Mediator

This post provides a sample CSV to XML transformation with WSO2 ESB.  WSO2 ESB supports executing Smooks features through 'Smooks Mediator'.  Latest ESB can be downloaded from here .  We are going to transform the below CSV to an XML message. Lakmali,Erandi,Female,20,SriLanka Lakmali,Baminiwatta,Female,20,SriLanka This is the format of the XML output message. here <people> <person number="1"> <firstname>Lakmali</firstname> <lastname>Erandi</lastname> <gender>Female</gender> <age>20</age> <country>SriLanka</country> </person> <person number="2"> <firstname>Lakmali</firstname> <lastname>Baminiwatta</lastname> <gender>Female</gender> <age>20</age> <country>SriLanka</country> </person> </people> First lets write the smooks configuration to transform above CSV to giv