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What is HTTP/2?

Not so long ago, I happened to do a research about HTTP/2 and how it affects performance of web services for my Masters. In this blog post, I am describing the basic details of the HTTP/2 protocol.  HTTP/2 the latest version of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, is an optimized transport for HTTP semantics. Hence, it supports all the core features of HTTP/1.1 [1] . The aim of HTTP/2 is to be more efficient by addressing limitations of HTTP/1.1 [1] . There are 5 main features of HTTP/2. Multiplexing Header Compression Request prioritization Server push Binary message frames.  Connection establishment in HTTP/2 HTTP/2 also uses the same “http” and “https” URI schemas and same port numbers as HTTP/1.1. Therefore, implementations processing requests for target URIs with“http” and “https” should have a way to discover whether the next hop supports HTTP/2 or not. The determination procedure for HTTP/2 support is different for “http” and “https” URIs [1] . Starting HTTP/