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Customizing Lifecycle states in WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manageris a 100% open source API Management solution inluding support for API publishing, lifecycle management, developer portal, access control and analytics. APIs have their own life cycle which can be managed through WSO2 API Publisher while enabling many essential features for API Management, such as, Create new APIs from existing versions Deploy multiple versions in parallel Deprecate versions to remove them from store Retire them to un-deploy from gateway Keeps audit of lifecycle changes Supports customizing lifecycles  The ability to customize API life cycle provides a greater flexibility to achieve various requirements. There are few extension points available for customizing the API Lifecycle. Find more details about those from the product documentation [1].  Adding new lifecycle state Changing the state transition events Changing the state transition execution (In each state transition, we can configure an execution logic to be run) In this b