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Huge Message Processing with WSO2 ESB Smooks Mediator

Smooks is a powerful framework for processing, manipulating and transforming XML and non XML data. WSO2 ESB supports executing Smooks features through 'Smooks Mediator'.  One of the main features introduced in Smooks v1.0 is the ability to process huge messages (Gbs in size) [1]. Now with the WSO2 ESB 4.5.0 release (and later), Huge Message Processing feature is supported through Smooks Mediator! Smooks supports three types of processing for huge messages which are, 1. one-to-one transformation 2. splitting and routing 3. persistence This post shows how to process large input messages using Splitting and routing approach.  Step 1: Create sample Huge Input file.  This post assumes the input message is in the following format. <order id="332"> <header> <customer number="123">Joe</customer> </header> <order -items="-items"> <order -item="-item&quo