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Spring at a glance

Spring Spring is an open source framework created to address the complexity of enterprise application development. Advantages of Spring framework Spring is a layered architecture. We can use what is required from those and leave others. Spring enables POJO programming. POJO facilitates continuous integration, easier upgrades and switching. The IOC feature of Spring simplifies JDBC Open source framework. POJO -Plain Old Java Object Maintaining an enterprise java application for few years is even difficult to imagine due to their tightly coupled infrastructure frameworks which evolves rapidly. Solution is using POJO. There is no magic in POJOs. There the classes don't implement infrastructure framework-specific interfaces. They are just plain Java classes. Therefore POJO decouples applications from changing frameworks. As a result, upgrading or switching to a new framework and integration will be easier and less risky. Inversion of Control (IOC) The concept of IOC pat