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Dynamic Endpoints in WSO2 API Manager

From WSO2 APIM 1.10.0, we have introduced new feature to define dynamic endpoints through synapse default endpoints support. In this blog article, I am going to show how we can create an API with dynamic endpoints in APIM. Assume that you have a scenario where depending on the request payload, the backend URL of the API differs. For instance, if the value of "operation" element in the payload is "menu", you have to route the request to endpoint1 and else you need to route the request to endpoint2. { "srvNum": "XXXX", "operation": "menu" } In APIM, dynamic endpoints are achieved through mediation extension sequences. For more information about mediation extensions refer this documentation. For dynamic endpoints we have to set the "To" header with the endpoint address through a mediation In-flow sequence. So let's first create the sequence which sets the "To" header based on the payload. Cr