Java-Simple way to check command line input to enter a number-Give error message if not a number and ask again to input

If you want to take a commandline input through BufferedReader or Scanner and you want user to enter a number. So in this solution user is asked to enter a number and if it is not a number (throws NumberFormatException) error message is displayed and again asks for user to enter. Until user enters a number this continues. This is simple.

Here is the code with comments explaining the code.

class InputNumber{
 public static void main(String args[]){
  boolean success=false;
  String value=null;
  int number_value=0;//number value is stored
  System.out.print("Enter Number:");
              //loop continues until user entered a number,success 
              //will assigned true when user entered a number and while
              //loop will terminate
              while (!success){
      BufferedReader bf=new BufferedReader
         (new InputStreamReader(;

           success=true;//Come to this point only if the 
                                    // exception is not thrown
     System.out.println("\nSuccess! You Entered a Number: "+number_value);

   }catch(IOException e){

   }catch(NumberFormatException e){//When string did 
                                      //not contained a numer it goes here
    System.out.print("\nWrong value, please enter a number!\nEnter Number :");




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