AXIS2 Web Service in eclipse through Top Down Approach-java.lang.RuntimeException: Element QName is null

Based on this tutorial, But used my own WSDL file.
I used Top Down approach where to create java codes from the WSDL file. But at “Axis 2 Web Service Skeleton Java Bean Configuration” wizard window I clicked next and there occurred an exception as follows saying Element QName is null.


Add the following XML element within
tags and inside
tag which has a wsdl:fault (Particular operation should throw an exception). So I had to add,


It appears as follows,

  <operation name="GetBalance">
      <operation soapaction=""></operation>
      <input />
     <fault name="fault">
            <fault name="fault" use="literal"></fault>
Here the getBalance operation throws an exception, so for the wsdl:binding description the given element need to be added. Otherwise it gives an exception at Top Down Approach with eclipse.


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