Windows SharePoint (WSS) - For What ?

SharePoint technologies provide an effective solution for creating team sites to facilitate collaboration in a LAN-based environment. At the opposite end of the spectrum, SharePoint technologies also make it easier to manage content in an Internet-facing site that can scale to accommodate thousands of users in a Web farm environment.

Also it is far more we can accomplish when we use WSS as a development platform. In this SharePoint Blog Series, I am going to give you a better idea about using WSS as a development platform.

For an installation on a Virtual PC image, we recommend a host computer with at least a 2 GHz Pentium processor and 2 GB of RAM

You can download WSS from here

After the installation

After installing WSS, it creates and configures a Web Application named SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration application.

This SharePoint central administrative application provides pages that allow us to perform various administrative chores,
  • Convert a standard existing IIS web site into a WSS Web Application
  • Create a new IIS Web site and automatically configure it to be a WSS Web Application.
All these operations can be performed without bothering about using any of the IIS administration tools directly.


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