First SharePoint Site

 WSS site is a storage container for content. The site content is primarily stored in different forms as follows,
  • Lists
  • Document Libraries
  • Image Libraries
  • Child Sites or sub sites
 Sites are securable entities, because site content are accessible to a configurable set of users or user groups. The permission level also can be determined by the site administrator, either for
  • Full Control- Has Full Control
  • Design-Can view, edit, update, delete, approved and customized
  • Contribute- Can view, edit, update and delete
  • Read- Can view only
Let's look how the SharePoint brings the simplicity in making sites.
  • Under the Windows Start menu, find the Administrative Tools group and then select the SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration menu to launch the WSS Central Administration application. Over the next few steps you will use this application to create a new site
  • On the Application Management page, locate and click the link titled Create Site Collection in the SharePoint Site Management section. This will take you to a page where you will enter the details that WSS requires whenever you want to create a new site collection
  • The figure shows filling the Title, Description, URL and Template fields. You can select any of the templates from the given list. For this example select Blank Template.

    • When giving user permissions, you can enter the user names inside the LAN network. It facilitate to check the user existence inside the network and to search users inside the network.
    • Then click OK

    • Now You have successfully created your first SharePoint site.  Congradulations

    • You can access it by going through the URL you gave. Make sure to log on to the site with the username which you gave user permissions.


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