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Multi Tenant API Management with WSO2 API Manager - Part 2

In the previous  post  we discussed what is multi-tenancy, multi-tenancy in API Development and multi-tenancy in API Store(Consumption). In this post we will be discussing how subscriptions can be managed among multiple tenants, how APIs an be published into different tenant domains, multi-tenancy in API Gateway, multi-tenancy in Key Manager and also multi-tenancy in API Statistics.  Manage subscriptions among multiple tenants In the previous  post  we discussed how  different tenants can develop and consume APIs in isolated views of API Publisher and API Store. This section describes how API creators can control who can subscribe to an API. In the Add API page, under Subscriptions you can select the Subscriptions Category. There are 3 subscription categories. Available to current Tenant Only The API will be allowed to subscribe for users in current tenant domain only(tenant domain of API Creator). Available to All the Tenants The API will be a

Multi Tenant API Management with WSO2 API Manager - Part 1

Introduction WSO2 API Manager provides a complete solution for API Management. With Multi-tenancy in WSO2 API Manager, organizations can collaborate and monetize their APIs across multiple entities such as departments, partners or simply between separate development groups.  Why Multi-Tenancy The goal of Multi Tenancy is, maximizing resource sharing among multiple tenants while providing an isolated view for each tenant. One of the main benefits of multi-tenancy is the ability to use a single deployment for multiple tenants which lowers the cost and provides better administration. Further this is ideal for  multi departmental and multi-partner type of business settings. Multi-Tenancy in API Development WSO2 API Manager provides a simplified Web interface called WSO2 API Publisher for API Design, Implementation and Management. It is a structured GUI designed for API creators to design, implement, manage, document, scale and version APIs, wh