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WSO2 API Manager- Customizing Store User Sign-Up

WSO2 API Manager Store Sign-up page can be customized according to your requirements by adding new fields or modifying existing fields. These fields are known as user claims.

By default API Store Sign-up looks as below. Note that this blog posts shows how to do this in APIM 2.1.0.

Let's say you want to add a new field called 'City' to Store Sign-up page. This post provides step by step instructions on how to achieve this.

1. Start API Manager 2.1.0 and go to Management Console (https://localhost:9443/carbon/)

2. Go to Claims -> Add -> Add Local Claim

3. Enter the below values for the new claim.

Claim URI :
Display Name : City
Description : City
Mapped Attribute : city
Supported by Default : select

Note that claims which are 'Supported by Default' true, are only displayed in the Sign-up page. Therefore when you are adding new claims make sure to check 'Supported by Default' checkbox.

If you need this claim to be a required …