WSO2 API Manager- Customizing Store User Sign-up

WSO2 API Manager Store Sign-up page can be customized according to your requirements by adding new fields or modifying existing fields. These fields are known as user claims.

By default API Store Sign-up looks as below.

Let's say you want to add a new field called 'Organization' to Store Sign-up page. This post provides step by step instructions on how to achieve this.

1. Start API Manager 1.5.0 and go to Management Console (https://localhost:9443/carbon/)

2. Go to Configure -> Claim Management

3. Click on first Claim dialect displayed as ''. This will list all the existing claims under selected dialect. 

4. Click on 'Add New Claim Mapping'. 

5. Enter the below values for new claim.

Display Name : Organization
Description : Organization
Claim Uri :
Mapped Attribute : organization
Supported by Default : select

Note that claims which are 'Supported by Default' true, are only displayed in the Sign-up page. Therefore when you are adding new claims make sure to check 'Supported by Default' checkbox.

If you need this claim to be a required field [Mandatory field in Sign-up], make sure to check 'Required' checkbox.

6. Open wso2am-1.5.0/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/store/site/conf/locales/jaggery/locale_default.json and add new entry 'Organization' as below. Then Save.

7. Go to API Store Sign-up page and refresh. You can see the newly added field.

Modifying Existing Claims

Let's say now you want to make the Organization field 'required'. Also you want to change the field display order. 

1. Click on Organization Claim and check 'required' as below. Set the Display Order as 4. 

Edit Claim

Check Required

Also I have changed the display order of all the below field such that given numbers are entered for each claim 'Display Order'

First Name : 1
Last Name : 2
Email : 3
Organization : 4

2. Now Access the API Store Sign-up page. You will see the modifications in the display order and Organization field as 'required'.


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